123movies – An Innovator in Cloud Computing Practices

123movies, a popular Internet subscription service provider, announces itself as a pioneer in the way it uses almost all of its services in a public cloud.

This company was achieved through an open search of several tools that he developed on his own. At the same time, it was recognized as one of the most famous cloud computing companies in the world.

The company with a great market capitalization

I know in the second quarter of 2014 they perform many of their most important workloads in the community. He also shares with the developers how he manages, and in this process he gives them advice to do the same.

The company has created a collection of Apache code packages in its open version of 123movies Open Source Service, which is freely available to developers.

Use the public cloud Amazon Web Service (AWS)

There are many add-ons associated with the use of AWS resources. Other resources that he created in AWS, – which is a complement to other open source software projects, such as Hadoop, Apache, pig, etc.  123movies, focused mainly on the application of computing resources in the cloud, the development of management tools and. automation tasks that guarantee high availability and usage analysis.


The Simian Army is one of its outstanding OSS tools, which has a sequence of methods to test the acceptability of a deployment in the cloud. It does this by accidentally closing some systems.

On the other hand, Chaos Monkey automatically selects separate virtual machines for disintegration. Chaos Gorilla performs a similar process on a much larger scale, simulating the complete closure of the AWS cloud availability zone.

Meanwhile, the Asgard tool offers a cloud management console for resource processing, and ICE tracks the cost of cloud computing based on usage.

However, this disclosure process of your strategies, where you manage several thousand copies that you use in AWS, is not done with the goal of being charitable with other open source developers, industry analysts.

According to Adrian Cockroft of 123movies, a person behind the cloud and OSS strategy, 123movies has a multifaceted agenda for the development of its OSS. One of them is to create a reputation for the company’s process, which is positioned as an operative strategy in cloud management in the cloud. This will help the company get input from talent in the open source community in general. This will also help 123moviesimprove the quality of talents and improve the image of their brand.

It is reported that other companies have received 123moviesOSS tools. But some of them criticize the approach of 123movieson the basis that the companies that follow it, by default they become users of the Amazon cloud.

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You do not need to wait for a DVD

Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s great, but I still have to wait a year after the show is released on DVD and published on 123movies. Not necessarily some programs, such as Heroes, are available as soon as the day after the show’s broadcast on normal television, using 123moviesinstant viewing capabilities.

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