7 Tips In Producing A Music Video

You might not have a lot of cash left in your band’s bank account if you are a DIY or underground musician. You have to shell out for recording, the studio works, duplication, registering the copyrights, as well as promoting. So it’s pretty normal to have no money left in the bank account. But sometimes you still have to publish your new release.

When you have to promote an album in a proper way, you need music videos. But it takes a lot of dollars to shoot a music video. So why would you spend that when you’re still not at that level and your place in a music career is somewhere every cent counts?

So, in this article, we will talk about those seven tips you can utilize while producing and editing video with music. After reading the whole article, I believe that you can save tons of dollars yourself.

You have to include your friends

You have to get your friends involved who opt to help you. They can help you in directing, shooting, and even editing the whole music video. But what would you do when you got no friends with all those film equipment or fancy skills? Well, you can utilize your smartphone in this case. Your friends could be a great help if you ask them to help you out their phones too. As a result, you can multiple camera angles and it really helps to cut between while you’re editing.

You have to shoot in one location and make it count

You may have a lot of sets in your mind and a lot of fancy places, but that’s not gonna happen somehow. When you are the main person in front of the camera, you got plenty of things to worry about. It’s a wise decision to make the production as simple as possible. Because you will have to think about all the production progresses such as lighting and focus, and for your friends who are on your service.
Finding an interesting location is the main key to get things in a place and combining all the liveliness in order to make things happen. Driving here and there, coordinating arrivals won’t help you out.

Include a bold visual element that carries the whole video

You might not have enough time to get the environment changed. Also, you can’t be able to include a lot of props, or some special effects. That’s why you need to have one visual element that looks okay still if you repeat it again and again. The visual element can be dancing, or showing up with a ridiculous costume or something like that. Look for that one thing that centers the video throughout the concept. It can’t be possible if you don’t find this sort of particular through-line.

You have to be super quick about it

Everyone’s time is important. They are working for you on free or at a cheap rate so be sure to plan to work quickly. Your friend would like to be around you and chill out on a holiday. But if it takes too long to shoot your video, then it might make them feel like you’re using them. So, be quick. Prepare your mind to share the concept quickly, line in 4 to 6 hours. No matter what type of concept it is.

Take all the pressure by yourself

Take all the loads on your head and you got to follow through. It can be the frustrating part as well as marvelous for a DIY music video shoot. Except if you’re certain that different individuals engaged with the creation are truly dedicated and willing to put in many hours, it’s most likely a smart thought to deal with the truly difficult work yourself as far as acting, stunts, or whatever else that needs a great deal of readiness. Which carries us to.

All you have to do is practice. Because practice will get you better throughout the journey. You might have to reverse your audio track, take phonetic transcription of your lyrics, sort out the way to lipsync the lyrics in a believable way and memorize it all. It can be difficult but you have to be ready to go anyway. Be energetic when everyone is prepared, and make the best out of their valuable effort and time.

Promote your video through various social channels

You can take pictures of your ongoing shoot and share them on social media. Behind-the-scene footages also work great. You can email your well-wishers when the video is done making, and promote them on social media.

Well, I hope now you can make a music video on your own. It all just takes patience and practice. Your friends are great assets in this process, so don’t ever disappoint them dragging their time down. Include an attractive visual element and be quick and share the video on social media when it is done. That’s it.

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