All You Need To Know About Piano Notes

A piano is a musical stringed instrument which produces sound music of suitable frequency. Each music instrument comes up with certain notes and so is the piano. A piano has keys which when pressed by the hands makes the hammer strikes the string. There are 88 such keys on piano which is mixture of black and white coloured keys that produces the corresponding notes.

Know about piano notes

  To get started first what we need is a piano instrument which can produce a good noise. As we can see the instrument has 88 keys which is combination of two colours that is black and white colours. These keys follow some specific pattern. On looking to these patterns we can see that these black and white coloured keys are arranged in some fashion that is they are arranged in combination of two and three. First two black coloured keys are placed and then three black coloured again two black coloured keys and then white and the repetition goes on.

Learning with keyboards

The very first note which could be seen over the piano keyboard is the C notes this comes before the sequence of two black coloured keys on the piano keyboard notes. Thus we can say that the keys which come behead of the two black coloured keys are the c notes and there are quite few numbers of these c notes on the piano keyboard. On traversing eight steps from these c notes on the keyboard we will get another c and this is called an octave.

  • If someone wants to detect the middle c then he or she needs to just sit in the centre of the piano and the key which is suited just below his or her chin is the c note key.
  • As we learn alphabets so are the keys of the piano based on the starting first letters of English alphabets.
  • The custom is to first learn the C notes if this is understood then rest all is very easy and can be learned quickly.


Now let us come to the white and black keys of the piano as all these keys sum up to 88 in number and in order to learn piano one must have to learn all these 88 keys. For the beginners one must be able to recognise all the c note first after the C note comes the D note and then E followed by F which is again followed by G and finally to A and again moving to B. So the sequence is like C, D, E, F, G, A, B and the cycle continues. These set of keys on the piano keyboard are called naturals and these seven repetitions continues. This was all about leaning the keys on piano. One needs to be familiarised with the keys in order to play piano.

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