Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photo Booth for your Wedding

The first question you need to ask yourself, is it worth it to have a photo booth at your wedding?

With the kind of digital age we’re living right now, selfies have been the trend. With big-time social media like Facebook and Instagram, we are always taking fun photos of ourselves and our friends every chance we can get. This can also be applied to your wedding. Getting photos of your guests can take a lot of time, you don’t want to stalk your guests at the end of the wedding just to take their photos. So having a photo booth can serve multiple purposes, you can get the photos of your friends, and entertain your guests as well as it can serve as a great thank you gift afterward.

This might not seem true all the time but with the modern age that we have, a photo booth is a priority for every wedding. This article will give you the top five reasons why having a photo booth is a must at your wedding.


Not every part of a wedding is fun, sure there will moments where your audience gets mesmerized and excited when you take your vows but this does not happen every time. You have to make sure that you consider the down times of the event and think of a way to keep your guest entertained during those times. Having a photo booth is one way to solve that problem.

Wedding Favors and Souvenir.

Giving a traditional box of mints or lovely bird decors and ornaments is never a bad idea as a souvenir. But don’t you think it’s more fun to have an active photo where your guests can look back on years to come. If you haven’t figured your wedding favors, having a photo booth will instantly provide every guest with their favor. Photo memories can also serve as the perfect souvenir for your guests.


If there’s one thing common with millennials is that they thrive on nostalgia. Photo booths today can print out multiple copies of photos where everyone will get a copy including the bride and the groom. After the wedding, you can look back and check all the memorable photos you had with the guest.

High-quality results

Companies like Instantly, a Singapore photobooth has the highest quality pictures and technology that is packed with the latest professional studio equipment. They have a high-quality print as well, and they make sure you get what you pay for. Because these companies are considered professionals in the industry, they can deliver good output in terms of service and most importantly your photos. They also used innovative and updated materials that ensure the quality of their work.

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