How Omen44 Turned His Struggles into His Greatest Strength in the Hip Hop Scene

We can either learn from the pitfalls of our life or gain from them. When we are downtrodden and dragged by life with our face being pushed down into the mud, the one thing we think of is how we are completely powerless and incapable of doing anything. However, giving into this kind of victim mentality sucks us deeper into the rabbit hole which we cannot climb out of. It becomes an inner conflict of fear and the will to survive in the world, without wanting to smack our heads into the walls, with the fear taking over. As soon as the fear takes over you are no less than a person who has been left paralyzed.

The real trick to get through life and all its bearings is by taking each negative moment as a lesson to be learned and kept close to one’s heart. Yes, it would take a lot of mind-numbing and wounding lessons to make you realize that the only way out is to look at every situation positively, but once you get there, it is nothing but sunshine and rainbows moving forward. This is exactly the sort of thought process that Omen44 applied to his life.

Being a newbie in New York, in the year 2000, the language barrier threatened to diffuse his career that he took so long to cultivate in Japan. He would take part in several beat contests and performed on many stages, somehow being able to follow his dream. He made a lot of mistakes but made it a point to never let them envelop himself in an abyss. And so after four years of the constant fight he was able to make it as a prominent personality who was one of the key elements in enclosing the gap between New York and Japan hip hop scene. After starting his career in 1995, he had the luck to be associated with big names like Sadat X, Large Professor, Marley Marl, Buddha Brand, etc. For a while now Omen44 has been enjoying a thriving career, working with Nipps of Buddha Brand and Vikn, with an album dropping on 8th of May 2019.

The main reason why Omen44 was able to get to the top of the hip hop ladder scene is that he looked into some conscious practices that helped him navigate through the blurry scene of his field. It helped ease his struggles, let go of things, find his strength, and continue to grow.

One of the most important rules of thumb that you need to incorporate in your life is to question whatever you do. Every person you meet and every step that you take should be calculated at a certain length. The reason for this is that people, place, activities, and things tend to influence us whether we are expecting it or not. Sometimes, it is best to question your actions so you can make a more conscious choice. You also need to believe in something far greater than your own existence. Sometimes it is a certain quote that nudges a person further, or maybe a religious belief. Learn to appreciate all that is around you by being more present, so that life just does not just pass you by.

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