Spend New Year without chaos

This year, you can actually spend the first day or the beginning of a year in a serene ambience. Most people do not choose crowd and chaos these days. Here are some lovely options.

New Year Duo Camping Bash 2018 Jungle Camping – Lake Side Camping: This even will start from 31st December at 4 PM and will end on 1st January at 11 AM. One has to register with an amount of Rs 2728 to be a part of this program. If you want to welcome your New Year on a relaxing note, then this is it. You can easily run away from the chaos of the city and enjoy the first day of the year in a serene ambience.  There will be fresh winds around you and one can light a bonfire and have under the clear sky with the moon light and full of stars. You can spend the night at the lake side or beside the hill along the flowing river. But you have to register fast and get your tent reserved before it gets full. Once you are ready for this beautiful journey you are sorted. Go for valley crossing, rappelling, rock climbing and balancing bamboo bridge here if you are adventurous enough to attempt any of these.

New Year Farm Camping at Lonavala: This event is organised by the ‘Small Step Adventures’ and it will happen from 31st December to 1st January. One has to book the event now with Rs 2800. This is a camp ground which is located at the hilltop. There is a farm land which can give you a brilliant view of the Pawan Lake. The camp ground though is located far but it has all the basic amenities. You can actually feel the fresh air and breathe in Lonavla. Wake up to a beautiful sin rise on the first day of the year as it will be a lovely experience to do that. On the 31s evening you can do a camp fire and enjoy the nature around as much as you can. You can also take a walk to the jungle nearby. There will be provisions of staying in the tent and food servings.

Have a rustic New Year: This event is scheduled from 31st December 5.30 PM to 1st January 9 AM. One has to register with Rs 3000. There is an opportunity for you to celebrate the New Year in a rustic ambience. The location is unexplored; there will be millions of stars above, a clear sky and a cold night. Adding up to these are some amazing light effects and an outdoor DJ. One can dance all the night out amidst the nature with music or can do some adventure camping. Go with your friends or your partners to have fun to the fullest. The registration includes hi tea, snacks, dinner, campfire and of course the DJ night.

But if you are looking for New Year parties in Pune then you have to check the events happening in the city.

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