The Ultimate Battle Royale Game

Developed and published by PUBG Corporation the game is a multiplayer battle royale game. The agenda of the players in the game is to parachute onto an island and look for various weapons and equipment which would aid them in killing others. The players must also ensure that they don’t get killed themselves. In the preliminary phase, the game was released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017. Later the full version of the game was released on 20th December 2017. In the same year, the game was released on various other platforms as well. The Microsoft studios had released it for Xbox One and apart from this, the playerunknowns battlegrounds download was available for Android and iOS platforms as well. By June 2018 the game has become one of the best selling battle games of all time. It received various accolades in the battle royale genre.

Playing The Game

It is designed as a shooter game in player vs player format and there are in total 100 players fitting the battle. The ultimate motto of the game is to be the last man standing. The game provides the opportunity for the players to either enter as a single player, a duo or as a team comprising of four people. In case the players are entering the game as a team the last man left alive becomes the winner. There is a marked map area of 8 × 8 kilometers on which the players land from a plane using the parachute.

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The exact time of landing depends upon the precision of the player when the flight crosses the marked area. Upon landing the players are required to make a thorough search of the place for different weapons, armors, and other such equipment. The search is carried out in buildings and other such sites. The weapons and other equipment are dispersed throughout the marked area for the players to find them. In the due course of the search, the players can also loot the killed players. Having situational awareness is very important to play the game.

To make things more competitive the marked area on the map starts to shrink towards a random location. The shrinking of the boundary is reflected by a shimmering blue wall that contracts with time. Those left outside the safe area are eventually eliminated from playerunknowns battlegrounds download if they are not able to make it in time. Also the more the area gets confined higher are the chances of encounters. During the game, there is another possibility that might arise when a certain area marked in red is bombarded posing threat to the players standing in them. In either of the case, the players are warned so that they can relocate to safety. The game is played in several rounds and at the end of each, the players are awarded some in-game currency. The criteria for this solely depends upon how much time the player survived and how many opponents he killed. Finally, the last man standing in the game surviving all the encounters is declared as the winner.

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