What are the different types of video games?

Obviously, he has a child inside us, regardless of our age. That is why in childhood we have a desire to become an astronaut, racer, professional basketball player, a brave soldier or even an indestructible robot. In reality, there is little chance that this will come true, but in the world of video games, we can be anything we want, depending on the type of game console we have, be it Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and even your own. Personal Computer

In fact, there are several types of video games, and some of them perform more than one type, which creates a simultaneous overlap of possibilities as well as increasing your rank through overwatch rank boost.

To learn more, this article will cover some of the game’s most commonly used by fans.

* Video games of the type of action are usually played by adult game enthusiasts, as violence is involved in them, so it is not recommended that young people play most of them. In general, this type of video game will require time and reflex skills due to its quick search. However, there are some action games that have a milder concept, although the idea of ​​combat still remains.

* First-person shooter or better known as FPS offers the player the feeling of “being there.” As the name implies, the player is a shooter and must break through in a certain environment where he must overcome almost all the obstacles in order to win the game. This is seen as a subgenre of action video games, as it also involves fast pace and quick thinking.

* Adventure games are one of the first types of video games and became popular in the 1970s. This is more suitable for young players, as there is no violence in them, but rather solving puzzles to go to a different level. Since the game has no history, in the late 1990s it gained decline in popularity. On the other hand, in 1999 a video game for the PC was released, known as “The Longest Journey,” which became popular as It includes a more effective story as well as the interaction between the various characters in the game.

* Action and adventure games are a mixture of two types of video games. For this reason, it consists of solving problems, struggling, as well as collecting the necessary tools to win the level and ultimately move on to the next.

* Role-playing games use an established story and, as a rule, are considered one of the most exciting. This is because the player can meet with one of the characters in the game, and can also start a chat with other players. Although they do not move as fast from Action games, this implies violence, as the player must defeat his opponent in order to advance to the next level.

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