Why Dark Blonde Hair Color Is the New Sexy Shade for Blondes

Are you looking to lighten up your dark brown, brunette or black hair but don’t want to go platinum blonde? Have you considered a dark blonde hair color?

Dark blonde hair is stunning, especially in the sun. Under the right lighting, you will be able to see the golden flecks mixed with a gorgeous brown. If you are looking for just the right shade of dark blonde, feel free to read more on our site.

Why Dark Blonde Hair Color is So Popular

Gone are the days when platinum blonde was the go-to color for those who wanted to embrace their inner blonde-bombshell. Thanks to advances in hair coloring techniques, there are dozens of breathtaking shades of blend at our disposal. And dark blonde hair color is no exception, with its warm golden hues.

Dark Blonde Hair Color

With strategically placed highlights, dark blonde hair is a great look for those who want to add texture to their tresses. At the same time it is alluring, elegant and feminine.
One of the best things about darker shades of blonde is that they softly fame your face without distracting from your natural features or even your makeup.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Dye Your Hair Dark Blonde Hair Color

Dark blonde hair color works the best if your natural shade falls somewhere between a light blonde to medium brown tone. If you have recently bleached or otherwise lighten your hair, there is a chance you might not get to results you wish. Bleaching your hair removes natural pigmentation from your hair and thus may interfere with the desired results.

If you wish to lighten your hair a bit, you can add some soft honey blonde or platinum blonde highlights throughout your dark blonde hair color. Or try a pretty blend of red or light blonde hues for a stunning balayage. An ombre fade from dark brown to a golden blonde is also a stylish option.

Tips for Caring for Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde hair color is easier to maintain than lighter shades as it does not fade as quickly. However, you still follow the same advice as you do whenever you color your hair. Use only products that are designed for color-treated hair, especially shampoos and conditioners. In fact, it is recommended to only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. You can use dry shampoo between washings, but it is make sure it is free from sulfates.

As well, you should avoid using excessive heat on your hair. Allow it to air dry as much as possible and protect your hair when exposed to prolonged periods of sun. Keep your hair hydrated with leave in conditioner or coconut oil.

You might need to touch up your roots in a few weeks to maintain your dark blonde hair color, depending on the style. Balayage blends and ombre fades do not require as much upkeep. But we are pretty certain that you will fall head over heels for your new dark blonde hair!

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