7 Steps to Forming Your Own Band

Many of us have dreamt about forming our own band at some point or another. While most of us lose this dream as we grow up, some of us continue to chase it and make music a worthwhile goal to pursue.

If you are one of the lucky few, here are some steps to consider before you can form your musical band.

Make Sure Your Practiced Enough

Are you skilled enough to be performing on stage? While this may not mean that you have to finish all exams about the musical instrument that you’re using, you will still need to be able to play well enough that others will want to hear you.

Take any classes you may need and look for a musical mentor who can provide you with constructive criticism and guidance for improvement.

Find a Style

No music band goes around playing all types of music. Choose a music genre that you are passionate about first.

You can think about the kind of music that you are inspired by or listen to often. Relax – you can still stray from your typical music style now and then, so it is not a final decision.

When you find a style that you like, you can then develop your ideas from there. For example, you can develop a new style influenced by your favourite musicians or bands in a similar genre.

Choose Your Band Players

You will then need to find other people who can perform with you as a band. Look for bass and guitar players, singers, drummers, or any other instrument players relevant to the type of band that you’re looking to form.

You can hold auditions, search for talents in a music club, or recruit them from your circle of friends.

Just be sure to have enough band players first. Later, you can start looking for backup players as well.

Find a Band Name

This step is likely to take you a while. Choose a name that will represent your band and the type of music you are looking to perform.

To start, you can gather words that describe your music style, and create your ideas from there.

You can also do some research to find out how some other music bands decided on their band name. You might be surprised by how simple some band name inspirations are.

Make a Demo

Others will not know about your skills and talents if you do not showcase them first. Book a music studio to record a song or two in high quality.

You can record different types of songs depending on the kind of band that you are looking to form. You can record a song cover, an original song which you have written, or anything else.

It’s okay if you don’t have expensive equipment either – you can record a performance video of your band playing with any equipment that you have and promote that first.

Discuss Band Member Agreement & Responsibilities

How often is your band to hold practice sessions, and what happens if members start to have no-show problems?

When it comes to financials, how are the band members going to split the expenses? Agree on the band’s general responsibilities and more.

Afterwards, you will also have to sort out the individual responsibilities for your band members.  Discuss and decide who will oversee marketing, bookkeeping, directing rehearsals and other tasks just as you would for a business.

Record and Release New Music

When all responsibilities, brand imaging and coordinating has been finalized, your band can proceed to start creating, rehearsing, recording, and releasing new music.

You can consider renting rehearsal space, be it a dedicated rehearsal space for music practice, a garage, or any other area where you can practice without getting into trouble.

Finally, look for a recording studio with suitable equipment to produce high-quality music for your listeners

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